The Kokua 2020 Initiative

Kokua Market Grocery Cooperative was founded in 1971 to pioneer a new healthy food model for Hawai‘i; a local organic food store owned by the people of our community.

To create a Co-op we had to change the laws, and change them we did! Over the years the door that we opened has welcomed more and more healthy food options for our community. With our original mission accomplished, we’re looking ahead to re-imagine Kokua for the next generation.

In 2019 we’ll be jumping back into our pioneering mode to create an updated Kokua, based on a clearly focused vision to create a member-experience that will refresh, reinvigorate and reboot Kokua for another generation.

These are some of the highlights you can look forward to as we launch the Kokua 2020 Initiative.

Local Foods and Products

HYPER-LOCAL FOCUS: We will be expanding our selection of specialty value-add products sourced and produced in Hawai‘i, local sustainable protein suppliers of seafood, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs and as well as our selection of tropical & local produce.

ZERO-WASTE SHOPPING: We’ll be moving forward as leaders in sustainable purchasing with a heavy emphasis on bulk offerings, including all-new liquid bulk! Self-serve beer, wine, maple syrup, olive oils, vinegar, tamari and more, and a selection of reusable containers.

Grab and Go Items

GRAB & GO: Expanded self-serve chilled and hot foods bars and Grab & Go offerings. New products like fresh pasta and sauces to go, expanded gluten-free and vegan options from our bakery, and more.

LOCAL CHEFS PREP FOR DIFFERENT DIETS: An emphasis on local culinary talent creating tasty and healthy food for different dietary needs.

New Services and Products

NEW BAR: Coffee, Juice, Beer & Wine: New coffee and juice/smoothie bar with the best local organic Beers and off-island Wines, chill on the shaded lanai or take-out.

CURATED PRODUCT SOURCING: Diligence will be paid to sourcing products that follow sustainable practices, minimize their environmental impact and provide true health value. Our buying practices include Environmental Working Group recommendations.

WIDE VARIETY OF SPECIALTY GOODS: A new expert-selected assortment of specialty products previously not found under one roof, saving you time and trips to different parts of the island.

Member Perks

MORE MEMBER PERKS: Rotating monthly specials on ten top staples just for Members in addition to continued discount Member Weekends.

DISCOUNT OFF-GRADE PRODUCE: We will offer the not-so-pretty produce that other grocers let go to waste, marked at a lower price- point.

SOLAR POWER: Photovoltaic on the roof, EV charge station.